🏡 Git repository browser

Name Description Owner Idle
1p.git ✴️ user-friendly op (1password cli) frontend Jordan Doyle
aoc.git 🎄 advent of code Jordan Doyle
bin.git 🗑️ a pastebin Jordan Doyle
blockbuster.git 🎥 solution to part 3 of university of salford's java project Jordan Doyle
blocks.ls.git 🧱 blockchain explorer Jordan Doyle
certificate-updater.git 📜 create and fetch certificates from vault quickly and easily Jordan Doyle
chartered.git ✈️ a private, authenticated, permissioned cargo registry Jordan Doyle
cool-beans.gsc.git 🔫 modern warfare 2 mod menu for the modern person Jordan Doyle
dave.git 🤖 a multipurpose robot written for any protocol supporting twisted.words Jordan Doyle
dobble.git 🎶 scrobble using dobble from dbus dingus Jordan Doyle
duckduckgo-html.git 🦆 a web-extension which provides duckduckgo's html interface as a search provider Jordan Doyle
fwloki.git 👽 logging martians since 2020 Jordan Doyle
gitlab-cargo-shim.git 🦀 cargo registry implementation using gitlab as an authentication & storage backend Jordan Doyle
hkbi.git 📸 easy native homekit-blueiris integration Jordan Doyle
jogre.git 📆 wip jmap calendars/contacts server implementation Jordan Doyle
koselig.git 💌 seamlessly integrate wordpress with laravel Jordan Doyle
kpjs.git 🔒 firefox addon poc for gpg signed javascript using keybase Jordan Doyle
logstash-codec-gzip.git 🤏 logstash codec to decode gzipped data Jordan Doyle
logstash-codec-java_json.git ☕️ logstash codec to decode json blobs from java-based inputs Jordan Doyle
mcinject.git 🧱 perhaps the earliest (surviving) forayer into the dark arts that were bytecode manipulation-based minecraft cheating clients (for fun and destruction) c. 2013 Jordan Doyle
nom-bytes.git 👹 take a nom of your bytes::Bytes Jordan Doyle
package-service.git 📦 example spring microservice Jordan Doyle
packfile.git 🪆 a simple library providing utilities to generate Git Packfiles in memory and send them to clients Jordan Doyle
pisshoff.git 🧸 fully isolated honeypot ssh server using thrussh Jordan Doyle
reaper.git 🎮 league of legends mass summoner name checker Jordan Doyle
rgit.git 🦧 a (fast) cgit clone written in rust Jordan Doyle
scrs.git 💿 a high performance, low maintanence shoutcast server Jordan Doyle
serde_bson.git 0️⃣1️⃣ like bson but faster Jordan Doyle
serde_prometheus.git 📟 serde-based serializer for prometheus' text-based exposition format Jordan Doyle
shalom.git 🏠 wip home assistant tablet ui Jordan Doyle
shorty.git 🩳 single parameter s3 file uploader/url shortener Jordan Doyle
sonos-cli.git 🔊 simplistic, user- (and computer-) friendly command line interface for your sonos speakers Jordan Doyle
sonos.rs.git 🔈 sonos controller library written in rust Jordan Doyle
stork.git 🐦 scrapes a given source for all links without making a mess of your pots and pans Jordan Doyle
syntect-cgit.git 🌈 syntect-based syntax highlighting for cgit Jordan Doyle
tinfoil.git 💉 rust dependency injection poc Jordan Doyle
titan-emu.git 🖥 an emulator for the late marc cleave's homebrew ttl processor Jordan Doyle
titanirc.git 💬 modern IRC server written in Rust, no cruft - just chat Jordan Doyle
zpan.git 🎵 radio dj management panel with vbulletin integration, book time in to dj, host events and take requests from your listeners Jordan Doyle